The Open-BPM Architectural Portal is launched

Today the Open-BPM Architectural Portal is launched. This announcement explains the aims and status of the portal.

This portal will allow the development of IT architectural thinking. It will define an open architecture useful for commercial and open source hobbyist.

As initial postings go on the portal the philosophy and aims of the site will become more clear.

Please consider the information on the Portal as 'Alpha' in terms of quality and stability. Today it is rather like a brain-dump; in the next couple of weeks I will structure it, within a clearer road-map of development.

For these reasons, this launch is purposely very soft or low key. Although some folks may drop-in via Google; I am not going out of my way to publicise the Portal or its aims. That said, if you are interested enough to get involved (or just give feedback), then this would be very welcome.

The order of development is:

  • Complete the Architectural Framework (ASAF). This will be a foundation for further [structured] development
  • Provide an architectural framework and initial assets for open-source projects. It is intended that these will have value for any open source project (i.e. not dependent on domain)
  • Create the Open-BPM Architecture and Specification. This will be rather specific; defining inter-operating components providing functionality or services for commercial (or perhaps professional) like organisations. These will define instrumentation, user interface and components that will provide applications like portals, ledgers and work management.
  • Provide in-house implementations, and help others provide implementations, of the Open-BPM Architecture.

Of course we will, iterate round this work - but let's not get ahead of ourselves!

Hope you keep in touch!

Adrian Sutherland