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This is Adrian Sutherland's portal for the development of IT Architecture, Domain Specific Languages and other toys. 

Adrian Sutherland - Independent Consultant / Contractor

Solution Director, Enterprise Architect and IT strategist. Healthcare and Financial Services

Adrian is a solution director, enterprise architect and IT strategist with over 25 years architecture and design experience. He has a strong background in large scale, complex system integration and implementation programs, modern and traditional technologies and methodologies.

Adrian was DXC’s Global Chief Architect & Industry Strategist for Health Insurance and has held senior lead roles as Lead Architect for strategic clients internationally including the UK National Health Service, Zurich Insurance, and Australian Governments’ Health Departments. In addition to working in delivery programmes for clients, Adrian supported product teams for insurance and healthcare, and was responsible for ensuring DXC’s offerings relevance for the healthcare and payer markets.

He has held senior architectural roles in health, consumer banking & fund trading, insurance, and government and has wide experience across all business and  technical aspects, business development, and programme delivery. Adrian has a keen interested in the open source software - and is a frustrated programmer!

Adrian is also a Trustee of Anorexia & Bulimia Care, a national UK eating disorders charity.