The Open Group Architectural Framework (TOGAF)

TOGAF is a step-by-step method for developing an enterprise architecture, using a set of prescribed tools. It is comprehensive and freely available. Initial versions were focused on technical architecture based on work by the US DoD.

The Architectural Development Method (ADM)

The architectural development method is a detailed, step-by-step process to build, maintain, and implement an enterprise architecture. It consists out of 8 different steps in the design cycle (see diagram).

  • Phase A. Architecture Vision
  • Phase B. Business architecture
  • Phase C. Information System Architectures
  • Phase D. Technology Architecture
  • Phase E. Opportunities and Solutions
  • Phase F. Migration Planning
  • Phase G. Implementation Governance
  • Phase H. Architecture Change Management

The Enterprise Continuum

The Enterprise Continuum aims to provide a consistent language and enable reuse.

  • Architecture Continuum. Relationships between different architectures: Foundation, Common, Industry and Organisation.
  • Solutions Continuum. The implementations of the corresponding stage in the Architecture Continuum: Products & Services, Systems, Industry and Organisation.

The Foundation Architectures are made up of the the Technical Reference Model (TRM) and Standards Information Base (SIB).

The Technical Reference Model (TRM)

The Technical Reference Model consists of a taxonomy or classification for Architecture: Application Software, Application Platform, Communication Infrastructure, and connecting interfaces.

Standards Information Base (SIB)

The SIB is a list of standards on information systems, developed by the Open Group.