The six domains of change are probably the most used part of the framework

The six domains of change are probably the most used part of the framework

CSC Catalyst

CSC's Catalyst is CSC's global methodology.

Note: since CSC's merger with HPE forming DXC I have no intelligence how Catalyst will replace, be replaced or be merged with and HPE / DES methodologies.

Domains of Change

Catalyst analyses the situation in terms of six basic perspectives referred to as the domains of change.

  • Business Process. What opportunities exist to improve current processes to enhance business performance? 
  • Organisation. What change in culture, capabilities, roles, and training is needed to accomplish the necessary business change? 
  • Location. What is needed in terms of geographic distribution of processes, people, technical infrastructure, data, and applications? 
  • Data. What information content and structure is necessary to meet the business requirements? 
  • Application. What application design best fulfils the requirements and how should the application be developed, integrated, tested, and deployed? 
  • Technology. What are the hardware, system software, and communication network components needed to support the business and its systems?

Catalyst Processes

Catalyst is a set of processes and techniques for analysing a business situation and developing and implementing the best solution. It covers the complete project life cycle, from Vision and Strategy through Development and into Operational Services, including maintenance.

Life Cycle Processes

  • Vision and Strategy establishes the business vision and priorities and determines direction for subsequent initiatives.
  • Architecture establishes the requirements, direction, and structure for the business and the supporting information systems.
  • Development designs, builds, and tests the solution components (from all domains of change) that compose a release.
  • Integration tests and incorporates solution components from the required change domains into a new or evolving systems environment.
  • Deployment pilots and launches the operational systems, processes, and organisational change components to the organisation.
  • Operational services performs and supports defined service levels for the operation, maintenance, and support of the new or existing systems.

Management Processes

  • Enterprise and Portfolio Management
  • Program Management
  • Project Management
  • Service Management
  • Architecture and Engineering Management
  • Management Support Processes