Wow - it has been almost 3 years since my last post!

I have finally returned back to the UK after an overseas assignment to Australia - and now have the time (and the inclination) to continue with some projects.

First out with the old

I have decided to close down my trusted virtual server (I don't want to spend any time worrying about patching and maintenance and the like), instead I will use:

  • Squarespace for my blog/site,
  • Github for source storage,
  • Google App Engine for any custom hosted components, and of course
  • Google Docs for any document collaboration.

In addition, I am going to close down my mainframe projects - they were really interesting but I don't have time for this - too backwood looking. Anyway I have not spent much time on them for the last few years!

In with the new

The new work will publish my thinking (and implementations) round domain specific languages. This envisages a family of languages - as building blocks - that can be glued together and extended to allow a new language to be developed relatively easily.  A key aim is to have a language appropriate for describing IT Architectures and Business Processes - and this implies strong support for a declarative style.

The syntax style will be based on C - so parallel with the work done to develop C++, ObjectiveC, C#, Java and the like. I am developing a target syntax called CoreLang - even if the complete implementation of CoreLang may take some time (indeed may never be complete) this will still provide a common syntax vision for the domain languages.

This site will have a few domains:

  • architectureportal.org - the main domain, brining it all together
  • open-bpm.org - my original home, Business Process Management is still relevant
  • domainlang.org - the home for the family of domain specific languages
  • corelang.org - the syntax vision for a highly productive business oriented computer language

But the first job is to migrate the materials on the old server (www.open-bpm.org) to the new ...